Wildheart by Miguel

Miguel’s third album shows a lot of maturity and growth from his debut album, “All I Want Is You.” He starts the album off strong with “a beautiful exit.” The heavy electric guitar riffs accentuate Miguel’s repeated cries: “We’re gonna die young.” His next songs “Deal” and “the valley” continue his aggressive approach with hard synth sounds. The lead single, “Coffee,” has Miguel returning to his old ways. The aggressive approach takes a back seat in the chorus, and he returns to the romantic that he has established himself as with prior releases. He continues to mellow it out with “NWA,” which features Kurupt.

The highlight of this album is “what’s normal anyway.” The overall makeup of this song is fantastic. The whirling synths and haunting background vocals emphasize Miguel’s wishes: “Don’t let them change you/ just be who you are.” He ends the album nicely with “face the sun.” The only negative part of this album is its ambiguity. While all the songs are beautiful and well done, not many are memorable. When I listened to this album continuously, I found myself lost in his work. I didn’t remember any of the individual songs, excluding the closer “face the sun,” but instead found myself fall in love with all of the music. If you have the 46 minutes to listen to this album, take full opportunity of it.

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