Jake Miller New EP “Rumors” Review

Jake Miller dropped a surprise EP today in honor of his Dazed and Confused tour. He starts off the EP with the title cut Rumors, and you can tell Jake Miller is a huge fan of Kygo and Matoma.
It is unclear as of now if one of the aforementioned DJs is on the tune as the credits for the song have yet to be released; it doesn’t matter though because the song is still fire.

His next song Shake It is a party-boy rap song filled with cliches about girls and partying. Selfish Girls is a relatable song for Miller’s target audience. It’s also got a few hooks that are quite memorable “I thought you were a dime, but you just wanted my dimes…” Yellow Lights is another attempt to assert himself in the house genre, but unlike Rumors this one is not as successful. He ends the EP with a heartfelt song Sunshine chronicling the struggles he’s had with one of his friends dying. It’s really good to see Miller touch on his vulnerable, sensitive side after the other four songs were about girls, partying and what most 22 year olds do for fun.

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