Years & Years “Communion” Album Review

Everyone has been raving about this album. Let’s see how it does with the “Hot Take Album Review”

Foundation: Good album opener: terrible stand-alone track

Real: Bad chorus; sweet verses. I’m torn.

Shine: Fire. Simple as that

Take Shelter: The song grows into a banger.

Worship: Eh doesn’t grab me

Eyes Shut: This song also slowly heats up.

Ties: Very similar to the other songs

King: Will flourish on radio. Banger city.

Desire: Blander than plain pasta.

Gold: It grows, but it takes a while.

Without: Yawn

Border: A much needed change of sound.

Memo: Can ballads be fire? Yes: this song.

1977: Really psychedelic synths.

I Want To Love: Where did this come from? Fire Fire!!!!!

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