Future “DS2” Album Review

Let’s see how the new Future album fares with the 7 Word Hot Take Review.

1. Thought It Was a Drought: Very catchy. Sounds like Lil B.

2. I Serve the Base: Jarring. Next please.

3. Where Ya At: Minus the mumbling, banger city. Drake helps.

4. Groupies: Sick beat; awful lyrics.

5. Lil One: Repeating lyrics doesn’t help here.

6. Stick Talk: Yawn Yawn Yawn.

P.S. If what he’s saying is true, he’s taken at least 15 shots of Henny throughout the first 6 songs of the mixtape.

7. Freak Hoe: Sweet beat; better lyrics.

8. Rotation: Couldn’t wait for the song to end

9. Slave Master: Another boring song…

10. Blow a Bag: Good not great

11. Colossal: Sounds like every other song so far.

12. Rich $ex: Can this album end already?

13. Blood On the Money: I actually really like this song. Stunner!

14. Trap N*ggas: So repetitive, so boring.

15. The Percocet & Stripper Joint: Aptly named, very relaxing track.

16. Real Sisters: Solid track.

17. Kno The Meaning: Pretty good. End of album is better.

18. Fuck Up Some Commas: Banger, but it’s been out forever.

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