Meek Mill vs. Drake Fight: Best Tweets

So if you were me, you probably wondered what the hell was happening on Twitter last night. Here’s a recap as it happened:

So to start, Meek Mill was pissed of with all the “haters” calling him out about Dreams Worth More Than Money.

Given how Meek Mill raps, I’m surprised that he didn’t tweet these insults in all caps. Anyway, he accuses Drake of having a ghostwriter. He then throws a tweet that says “Quentin Miller.” Quentin Miller has been credited on previous Drake records as a producer, so it’s not totally impossible.
And then Drake tweeted this (taken down shortly after):


Twitter went beserk:

Always a chance to make fun of Jaden Smith

Drake had his “fans” helping him out:

And Meek Mill had his:

And then this was just flat out rude:

I think we have Snickers next commercial ready:

Drake doesn’t lie when he says he’s got a lot of enemies

And a fire rhyme from Meek Mill.

So if the allegations are true, what will that do to Drake’s rep? Other rappers such as Dr. Dre and Kanye West have publicly stated that they don’t write all of their own raps, so Drake might be in the clear.

Here’s one more Vine to enjoy:

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