Mississippi Jones Interview

I had the chance to speak with Mississippi Jones, a band from Seattle with a very unique sound.

  1. How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is future indie. We like to pull in elements from influences from all eras and infuse it with a forward thinking approach to rhythm and melody.

  1. Could you talk to me about the idea of elements within your EPs?

The concept of elements is a starting point for the creative process, providing a theme or basis of energetic patterns which influence the sound. We’ve categorized the material for each EP and broken it down as way to anthropomorphize each element through song.

  1. If you could only hype up one song that you’ve released, which one would it be and why?

It seems unfair to have to choose only one, but for the moment, Bring It Up takes that spot. It’s bold, danceable and right up in your grill.

  1. What’s your process for writing music?

Just about everything starts with keyboard and melody then we refine from there. We’ll choose a style or treatment for each song based on the themes that we’re working with and what fits the particular song.

  1. Who’s currently playing on your iPod these days?

Ray Charles, Etta James, and all of our songs that are in production stages.

  1. Totally random: Team Drake or Team Meek Mill?

It’s just a game. I Can’t even… Rich people can fight their own battles, they’re certainly not fighting ours for us. They don’t even write their own tweets. If you’re surprised you’re being lied to, you’re not paying attention.

Stay tuned for more interviews!

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