Meek Mill Disses Drake at Concert: It’s actually good this time

Meek Mill actually kind of killed Drake on this one….

See the bars below:

“U dont wanna see my philly niggas hanging out the window like they tryn spot ricky

Shout out to the niggas that showed me they not with me

So i dont think its about no rap, its about nicki

He told us that he was 1st in line but it got tricky..

I still wake up with the lady u said u first in line with,

Did 5 months came home that’s perfect timing.

Then make a sucka nigga look sucka without trying

If Quentin miller wrote that sh*t why would we buy it?

Might as well go and get his tape

Is he good or is he great

Niggas turn to hoes caitlyn jenners turn to drizzy drake”

“Shit is real, crackers itchen to do me like Emmett till

I can smell death in the air and you the kill

When i was still out in the field toting them glocks

He was still wheelchair jimmy rolling them blocks

My momma use to hold them berettas when it was hot

Your momma use to peak out the window and call the cops

And the nerve of yall niggas saying yall started from the bottom

When there is real niggas dying, cops killing, metal flying,

All that bullshit you sell, real niggas never buy em.

I got word from the six, niggas say you testifying.”

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