Luke Bryan “Kill The Lights” Album Review

Country mega-star Luke Bryan recently released his brand new album Kill The Lights. That only means one thing: it’s time for the Hot Take Review (Listen to each song once, write a max of 7 words).

1. Kick The Dust Up: There’s a reason it’s the lead single

2. Kill The Lights: My smoke detector went off #Fire

3. Strip It Down: Holy shit this is sexy

4. Home Alone Tonight (ft. Karen Fairchild): Good, but not Strip It Down good.

5. Razor Blade: Not my favorite, not memorable.

6. Fast: Solid power ballad

7. Move: Best song I’ve heard in a while

8. Just Over: Excellent breakup song

9. Love It Gone: Super catchy; definitely radio-bound.

10. Way Way Back: Nothing special, not good not bad.

11. To The Moon And Back: Just not for me

12. Huntin’, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day: Most country-esque song, pretty damn good

13. Scarecrows: 13 really is an unlucky number…

Overall, this album definitely cements Luke’s status as the guy in Country Music. He’s got at least five big hits on the album, and most of it is excellent music.

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