David Sabastian Interview

I had the chance to talk with the leader of the “Anti-Movement,” David Sabastian. We talked about tons of stuff, be sure to check it out below:

Who is David Sabastian and what is the Anti-Movement?
I look to myself as a creator. I hate to box myself in any artistic category; I try to use my creative palate as versatile as possible. The one thing that I stand for is waking up this generation. I want to inspire people to express themselves. The Anti-Movement started a couple years back, and it gave people like me a voice. The generation is so fucked up; kids are depressed, and the media is full of bullshit. I wanted an outlet to express myself, and now there are Anti chapters all over the country. Kids really identify with what we are doing. Whether it’s designers, videographers, rappers, we are just full of creators.

Who did you look up to?
To be honest with you, I wasn’t influenced by Biggy and Diddy, I just liked the aesthetic. I wouldn’t say another rapper has influenced me. I love Jay-Z, Big L, NWA, but the music that influences me is art. I write a lot of my shit in museums, the forest and the beach. I try to isolate myself from any musical influences that I’ve had, and get the pure me. I’m influenced by poets, not rappers.

Could you talk to me about your childhood?
My mother grew up in the church in one of the biggest churches in LA. My father was a Hasidic Jew who lived in Israel. I never spent much time with my father, but the best thing he gave me was his gene. He’s a fine artist. He never taught me how to paint, but I inherited his gene. I grew up very poor, there’s no better way to say it. There were nights where me and my mother slept in cars. 16 and I dropped out of school, I never had many options. Having that mixed with my father’s side of everything helped me who I was. I don’t usually talk about this, but my father disowned me because I was black. Yeah, it’s fucked up, but I never looked at it in a bad way. Instead I looked at it as motivation: I have to become the greatest artist of all time.

Talk to me about Duh?
I grew up with Diddy and Biggy, and Hype Williams’ aesthetic really worked for me. I was a nerd as a kid, so as soon as I got the perfect song, I wanted to recreate that whole world like Diddy and Biggy did. Duh is a proclamation to the industry that I’m here. It’s a narcissistic record, but it’s planting the flag. Whenever a new artist comes into the industry, you gotta make a statement.

Talk to me about your vision to intermingle rap and art?
It is (intermingled) already. Music is the soundtrack to a lot of work. Art is the visuals for music. Jay-Z doing the whole Picasso thing is the best example. There’s no genres, everything’s morphing into one thing. There are tons of uncreative artists out there, but there are some artists influenced in design and art. Kanye broke one of those barriers with fashion. I’m not a rapper per se because I’m a designer; I’ve sold art. I have a perspective, and I want to push that out in any medium possible.

What is your vision for the Anti-Movement?
With the movement, my goal is recruiting. We’re in a recruitment phase. I hate to sound like a militia, but we are. Anti-Society is a weapon. It’s a voice! The situation of the youth in America can be set off at any moment. When shit hits the fan, it’s gonna be complete mayhem. Instead of that happening, I’m trying to inform and educate as many kids as possible to organize and spread ideas and have a voice. Once you have a centralized voice for an objective, we’ll be in a better situation. 

Besides the mission, what else will be happening for Anti-Society?
We have a girl group called B.O.Y and they just released a single. We have 8 Anti-videos we’re going to put out. You should check out the anti-collection: it’s a platform for people to create stories from their perspective. I would encourage anyone reading this to think for themselves, be who you want to be. They want to be something but due to fear, they are scared to follow their dream because it’s possible. I’m throwing a parade in one of the worst hoods in the middle of Los Angeles. People asked if I was crazy, but I told people: No it’s fucking possible. I believe it’s possible. It’s the beginning. As things expand, I’m going to take this to a level. I’m going to surpass Jay, I’m going to surpass Ye. 

Final question: Team Meek or Drake?
Team Jesus

For more information and content, visit http://www.ANTISociety.com

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