Beauty Behind The Madness Album Review

It’s time for a Hot-Take album review for The Weeknd’s new album. Remember the rules: one listen, seven word review max.

1. Real Life: Good start, nothing more than that

2. Losers: Speakers caught on fire after playing this

3. Tell Your Friends: Old school Weeknd, highlight of album.

4. Often: Already an essential

5. The Hills: It’s #2 on Billboard R&B……

6. Acquainted: Not a unique sound here

7. Can’t Feel My Face: It’s #1 on Billboard….

8. Shameless: Decent song

9. Earned It: It was #2 on Billboard…..

10. In the Night: My favorite by a mile

11. As You Are: Old Weeknd sound, I love it

12. Dark Times ft. Ed Sheeran: It’s good, I expected more from Ed

13. Prisoner: It’s good until Lana starts singing

14. Angel: Good album ender. Sia surprises on it!

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