Cheat Codes Interview

I got to catch up with Matt from one of the hottest up and coming EDM groups right now, Cheat Codes. Since their debut song hit #1 on Hype Machine, they’ve been putting out quality music left and right. Here’s what he had to say:

How would you guys describe yourselves?
I would describe us as Anthem House/Alternative-Pop. We’re EDM but we come from a pop background. We write pop songs with an EDM feel if that makes sense. The name is Cheat Codes because we’re all about everything being easy and natural. We want everyone being in the moment. I think that all of us have been in our head to much and overthought things, so we came to the realization that everything should be easy and it is more than most people make it seem.

Could you talk to me about your latest, “Don’t Say No?”
I almost consider that one pop with trap elements. We wrote that with this indie band “Dresses” who we’re really good friends. We thought it’d be a good idea to do a song cause it’s really cool to mix genres, especially when it’s with a feature you wouldn’t expect. We wrote the song on acoustic guitar, and then messed with the production a bit.

What’s your favorite song you’ve written so far?
If I’m being completely honest, it’s one that we haven’t put out yet. Every song that we do, we’re really pumped, s o then we push ourselves even harder on the next one. We have a song we’re working on with Ras, featured on “The Nights,” and we’re finishing that up. It’s one of those songs we’ve put a ton of work in the production. We have another song that’s got a similar vibe that we’re putting out before the end of the year. The Visions remix is also one that we’re pushing hard right now.

What’s in store for live performances?
We have yet to perform for this project yet. We’ve done some promo gigs, but we haven’t done any live gigs. We have a bunch coming up in November and those will be our opening tour. We’ve just been so focused on the music first. We’re hoping to do some East Coast shows as well.

Who’s your dream collaboration?
Right now, realistically would be Afrojack, we really like his new song SummerThing! I dig the vocals on it. We love everything Afrojack does. If we wanted to work with anybody I’d love to do something with Paul McCartney. Throw him on a dance song and that’d be crazy. He’s working with Kanye, so we think he could do a track. Even Elton John with a crazy progressive house beat would be nuts. I like confusing people for a second, but then when they listen to it the second time it’s much more enjoyable. We love all the dance stuff out there right now, and we wanna put a new spin on it.

Could you talk to me about the Visions music video?
We’ve got a music video for Visions and Visions Remix, and the Visions is pretty funny. We’re wearing these glasses and it transforms old ladies to these hot chicks. We’re all on dates and we think we’re with smokes, but turns out they’re a bunch of Old Ladies.

Team Meek or Team Drake?
That’s such a silly question. Did someone anybody say Team Meek? Honestly Drake no matter what.

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