Eric Hutchinson Interview

What’s your songwriting process?
My process consists of banging my head against a wall while I pound on my piano. After several days of me not sleeping or eating, I emerge with a bunch of new songs and try to decide if they’re any good.

Of all the songs you’ve written, which one sticks out more than any other?
I find a lot of comfort in Best Days. It’s a song about finding the best in what’s around.

How are you able to mix styles like reggae, folk and alternative music all in the same song?
I grew up outside of Washington DC in a very diverse area. I was exposed to all kinds of people and music. To me there’s no distinction in music. There are only two types: good and bad.

What’s it like opening up for Kelly Clarkson, someone who you’ve opened for throughout your career?
I’m having such a great summer! Kelly is the nicest and brought me up on stage to sing a Pink song with her. I’m playing my music to 10,000 people a night, and they’re sitting up in their chairs, singing along and clapping and doing whatever I ask them to do. It’s really special.

What’s ahead for Eric Hutchinson?
I’m finishing a new album that I’m really excited about. It’s very soulful and modern. I wrote the ballad I’ve been trying to write my whole career. It’s my new favorite song.

Team Meek Mill or Team Drake?
Team Drake, mostly because I don’t want an angry mob of Drake fans showing up at my front door trying to burn my house down!

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