Wild Ones Interview

I was able to interview the lead singer of emerging indie band Wild Ones, Danielle Sullivan. Here’s what she had to say:

For people who don’t know who the Wild Ones are, how would you describe your music?
We are a dream pop band from Portland, OR. We have two members from an indie pop background, two members from the Portland punk scene, and one member with a degree in classical composition. Out of this combination Wild Ones music is born.

You’ve got a very unique sound, how did you come about it?
The place where our musical venn diagrams intersect is our own brand of pop. Our current sound is the product of a gradual evolution over the last four years. Our first record, ‘Keep it Safe’, is pretty broad stylistically and we’ve been focusing and refining our sound over the last two years. Our recent Heatwave EP serves as a transition point to our upcoming full length which we hope to release in 2016.

From your most recent EP Heatwave, which song are you most excited about?
The song that I am most excited about on our Heatwave EP is ‘Loveless’. It was the first song from our new batch of demos that felt like our style was making a tangible shift. It is dark, eerie, and unsettling. It builds a kind of tension that gave me chills the first time I heard it. It also required me to create a story that was unlike anything I had written before. I got to be the villain and, as it turns out, it feels really good.

How did your first recording session go for your earlier record Keep It Safe?
Our friend Clayton Knapp, who used to be a performing member of Wild Ones, had amassed this beautiful collection of gear in our little underground recording studio called the Trash Treasury. He recorded us with the help of Nick Vicario, our guitarist. I remember recording vocals in Clayton’s living room over a one week period in August and every day it was 90 degrees outside. No one has air conditioning in Portland and so I would be wearing cut offs, sweating like hell, drinking a Corona, singing lines over and over all day long.

How do you write your music?
Thomas or Nick will write the initial idea for a song. It will typically have drums and synth and a basic verse chorus structure. Then I record a vocal melody and harmonies. Seve will work on drums and we pass it back and forth until we have a final version. It’s a very collaborative system.

What’s ahead for the band?
We are getting ready to embark on a Fall national tour to promote our Heatwave EP and to support a band we love, Pure Bathing Culture. We’re also in the middle of demoing new songs for our upcoming LP. So many excellent things to come.

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