Top 100 Songs of 2015 (20-1)

Here we are; at last it’s the final day. Time to reveal the best song of 2015.

20. face the sun by Miguel ft. Lenny Kravitz

This song escalates in a way that’s quite rare. Lenny Kravitz’s guitar solo at the end is also extraordinary.

19. Together (Lost Kings Remix) by CAZZETTE, Lost Kings

Everything about this song is nuts. The bass is absurd, the chords get you hyped and the upgraded vocals help the song a lot.

18. No Chill by Vic Mensa, Skrillex

Click here for the song

Not released on Spotify, iTunes or seemingly anything besides Apple Music, it’s still well worth listening to the song. The EDM rap world has seldom collaborated, but Vic has shown that that’s what he does best.

17. Sorry by Justin Bieber

Sorry that it’s only ranked at 17, but I cannot possibly raise it any more. This song is by far and away the best song Bieber has ever put out there, and it’s made guys like myself question whether or not we are Beliebers.

16. Homegrown by Zac Brown Band

Within days after its release, this song was almost instantly declared a Zac Brown Band classic. The one true country song off of their latest album, this song exhibits what they do best – strong harmonies and lost of instrumentation.

15. Alright by Kendrick Lamar

One of the more powerful songs on TPAB, Kendrick kills it here. The dissonant horns combined with the lyrics “We gon be alright,” create a damning contrast.

14. Smooth Sailin’ by Leon Bridges

Old school blues music released in 2015 is such a delicacy, especially when it’s this good.

13. King by Years & Years

One of the biggest relevations of 2015 was Years & Years. The English trio have one of the more unique sounds in music these days. This song is just straight fire.

12. Follow You by Cheat Codes

This is song is awesome for so many reasons. The lyrics walk the perfect line between sappy and romantic, the trop house beat is dope, and the drop is perfect. Be sure to check out my interview with Cheat Codes here!

11. Jumpman by Drake, Future

This is the ultimate combination of Drake and Future. Future thrives on the fact that there’s some sort of repetition in the song, and Drake loves rapping on a song with an upbeat tempo. The ultimate highlight of their combined mixtape.

10. Uptown Funk (Remix) by Bruno Mars, Trinidad James, Mark Ronson

Trinidad makes a great song amazing with his opening verse. By now, you’d be forgiven if you were a bit sick of this song, but it’s still a jam.

9. Roses by The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes

Absolute savagery by The Chainsmokers releasing this track. The song speaks for itself here.

8. Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

Talk about catchy, this song might in fact be the catchiest song of 2015. The Weeknd’s high voice combines well with the heart-thumping bass line.

7. Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

And the award for the best country song of 2015 goes to…

6. U Mad by Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West

The beat itself could stand alone as a top 100 track, but then when you add Vic and Kanye it’s just not fair. Vic Mensa is for real, this song showcases his excellent flow and clever wordplay. Watch out world!

5. Waiting For Your Love by Lawrence Taylor

If there’s anyone to watch out for in 2016 it will be this guy. The singer-songwriter from England looks set to follow the path laid out for him by Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Hozier etc. He’s got a lot of John Mayer aspects to him, well the non-acoustic John Mayer at least.

4. Angels by Chance The Rapper ft. Saba

Oh. My God.That was my reaction to the first time I heard this song. Chance the Rapper is in a league of his own right now. Without a doubt, he is redefining the realms of hip-hop with his gospel/jazz influences in his music.

3. Bad by Lost Kings ft. Jessame

This song is just so great. In fact, I spent an hour straight listening to this when it came out because I couldn’t comprehend how excellent it was. The haunting background vocals during the drop, the multiple synths that hold the song together, and the simplicity of everything. It’s not necessarily the most complex song, but everything comes together so nicely. Just listen to it, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

2. Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Chance the Rapper wrote this song about his Grandmother, and behind the backdrop of The Social Experiment, he delivers two incredibly different verses. The first was so melodic and delicate, but the second adds the Chance grunge that his fans adore so much.

1. Back to Back by Drake

Oh man, oh man. This song means so much more than the 2:51 of genius. After this song was released, Meek Mill’s legitimacy will never be the same. It only took Drake 4 hours to hear the beat, write the rhymes, and put it on Soundcloud at 4AM Toronto time. And in those four hours, Drake managed to not only come up with some crazy references (like the Joe Carter album cover on Soundcloud), but also create the diss of the year, “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” Drake came out swinging and he did not miss. Oh, I forgot to mention, the song is pretty freaking amazing too. Do yourself a favor and read the lyrics here.


Well that’s it for our Top Songs of 2015 countdown. I hope you enjoyed it, be sure to stay tuned and see what we’ve got in store or 2016!

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