Matoma Interview

 I had the chance to ask Norwegian sensation Matoma some questions about his recent music! His answers are below. Be sure to check out his new music video of False Alarm

What vibe do you want people to have when they hear your music? 

I want my music to put people in a good mood. I have some tracks which has a more party mood to them, while other tracks are more chilled out. However I make music for me, and that fans like it is just amazing. I hope to touch people with my music and bring them to a happy state of mind.

Can you talk to me about the idea of Hakuna Matoma constantly updating?

Its just the way I grew up really. I had access to music online through my childhood and my brother always had the newest music. Its just a way for me to give out music more often then a few singles a year and a full album. I know I have dedicated fans since when I started uploading remixes on Soundcloud and I want to keep getting my music out there as fast as possible!

Of all of your originals which one stands out to you? Remixes?

False Alarm, but I got some amazing music coming soon too 😉 Becky’s voice is so incredible and the song has such a good vibe! I really love that song!
Hello vs Party and Bullshit or Roc Boys. They still give me the chills!

It seems like you’re playing everywhere these days (you killed it at Tomorrowland). Is there a venue that’s stood out to you recently?

This year my favorite show was Coachella! The energy was just amazing and being able to bring out some amazing guest performers like Ja Rule and Akon made it a very memorable moment.

 If you could choose one vocalist to do a song with who would it be?

That’s a hard question! There are so many really awesome vocalists out there. Maybe Sia

 In 5 years, where do you want to be in the music industry?

I still want to produce music and travel and play for my fans. I hope to have evolved myself and to help others reach their dreams!

Anything else you would like to add?

Have an amazing day! Spread the Love and always be on top of yourself!

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