The Him Interview

I had the opportunity to interview The Him, an emerging EDM group signed to the Disruptor Label. With support from The Chainsmokers, Tiesto and Robin Schulz, be sure to remember their name.

  1. For people that don’t know your music, how would you describe it? 
    We get inspired by different styles of music and artist. We think the closest description we can give you is a crossover between deep house and pop 🙂 !!!
  2. What do you think stands out most about your music?
    We’re always trying to make things warm en melodic. We always aim for a musical 10/10 so we make something that feels like a 6 we throw it away. Next to producing we try to work with the right songwriters. It takes many hours a week and maybe 1/100 hit the right spot. But when it happens it’s always soooo worth it.

  3. 2016 has been a massive year for you! What specifically do you think has triggered this change?
    There is not one specific thing that we can thank for this 2016 jump start. Unexpected things like Feels Like Home being played by Kygo live on the stream at Ultra festival. Support by our heroes like Tiësto, Pete Tong, The Chainsmokers and Don Diablo. But let’s not forget to mention the team that works in the background 🙂 !! We’re very grateful for that.
  4. What made you choose the band name, The Him?
    It’s hard to find a good name that is catchy, easy to remember and works in different languages! We needed a name for our project so we made a list of words and phrases that we liked. Also looking for inspiration in other band names and songtitles. “The Him” was a track from an old New Order album. We put it on the list and liked it right away so chose that one in the end.

  5. Your single Feels Like Home is starting to be played everywhere. What about that song do you think speaks to people?
    At the end of the day everybody is looking for a place that feels like home. This can be anywhere in the world but we all know that feeling of having to leave and making somewhere your home. Son Mieux is amazing of giving you that feeling. Of being there. Next to that the beat hits HARD, so that works good in the club too! 😉
  6. Of all your remixes, is their a particular favorite?
    Djeeees this is a tough question!!! To be honest, there is a remix coming out soon that will be massive. We still pretty much play all our remixes and bootlegs, but if we have to pick we’d go for Maroon 5 – This Summer. That was just a totally weird one that we were not even sure we should put out but in the end is just so nice and funky.

  7. What can we expect from you in the coming months? 
    We just played at a massive festival, Corona Sunsets at the 30th of July in London. This was be our second mainstage this year and it tastes like more 🙂 (a Dutch saying). For originals in the making we did a lot of writing sessions the last couple of months. You could also expect some sound changes, you will hear this back in our remixes that will come out soon!
  8. If you’re trapped on a desert island, name the three things you’d bring and why? Speakers, our laptop and a keyboard. Then at least we can make music and party!

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