Elephante Interview

I had the pleasure to interview Elephante. A staple in the progressive house music game, Elephante has been lighting it up with his recent releases. Check out what he had to say below!
Who’s been your biggest influence in music?

When I was a baby, my mom would put on Fantasia and sit me in front of the TV whenever I was being annoying, so that’s probably a big early influence. A little later, I loved John Mayer, he was one of the guys that made me want to make my own music, and then that led me down the rabbit hole of Jimi Hendrix, and then I started getting into the more indie electronic stuff like Miike Snow and Passion Pit. Nowadays I listen to a ton of different stuff – currently I’m obsessed with Glass Animals.

Your new song, Catching On, is simply awesome! Can you talk to me about making it?
Thanks! I had started a demo on a rainy day in LA – it pretty much never rains, so I was in this odd sort of funk and came up with the mellow “wubwubwub wub wubwub wubwubwub” thing. It sat on my computer for awhile, and then I got in the studio with Nevve in this really odd mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and the song really just came together in one of those magical music making moments – everything just flowed, and we wrote the rest of the song in a couple hours. As a musician, you dream about those kinda days where you’re not really thinking about how to make a song but it just comes together super organically.

Do you have plans to release an album soon with your recent singles?
I’m releasing a 9-song EP on September 14th! It’s called “I Am The Elephante”, I’m really excited about it – it’s got a little bit of everything that I love about producing music, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Of all your remixes choose one that stands out to you!
That’s like choosing between children – although there are definitely some red-headed stepkids that I wish never happened 😉 I’m really proud of my remix of Mako – Smoke Filled Room… Mako are one of those groups that blow me away with everyone song they make, and it was a lot of fun making the remix. I also probably get the most comments from fans at shows that it’s the one they want to hear the most 🙂

In 5 years, where do you want to be musically?
Somewhere between Drake and Jimi Hendrix… all joking aside it’s really hard to think about where I’m gonna be 5 years from now, I couldn’t imagine being where I am now a year ago, so I just try to stay in the moment and make the best music I can, and hopefully everything will work out.

Of all the festivals you’ve played this summer, do any stand out to you as being particularly awesome?
Playing the Billboard Hot 100 Fest was really special, it was my first like “crossover” festival with artists outside of dance music. It was a lot of fun, plus it’s name that even my parents recognized, so they were sorta like “oh you actually have a career huh?”

If you could work with any vocalist on your next song who would it be and why?
I’ve always been obsessed with Frank Ocean – his voice is incredible, but he also makes such unique and emotional music, I think it’d be a ton of fun just to sit and make some really weird shit
Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Make sure to check out and pre-order the EP! It’s been a labor of love for years, and I’m really excited to share this little piece of my heart with everyone. I appreciate all the love and support everyone’s given me, I wouldn’t be here without you guys and I hope you love the new music! Pre-order: http://smarturl.it/PreorderIATE

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