Top 5 Lost Kings Songs

In honor of Phone Down coming out Friday, here are the Lost Kings Top 5 songs/remixes to this point.

5. Gecko (Lost Kings Remix) by Oliver Heldens

An absolute classic remix, the drop on this one is bone chilling.

4. Bad by Lost Kings

Their first hit songs clocks in at #4 on this list. Jessame’s vocals are absolutely crushing it.

3. Ghost (Lost Kings Remix) by Halsey

Lost Kings emerged into the EDM scene with killer progressive house remixes. This one was one of their most notable.

2. You by Lost Kings

You is the song that proved to the world Lost Kings weren’t just a flash in the pan. Everything about the song is perfect!

1. I Won’t Let You Walk Away (Lost Kings Remix) by Mako

The best song the Lost Kings have released to this date has to be their remix of I Won’t Let You Walk Away. Between the build, the vocals and the progressive house drop, this song is their best to date.

Stay tuned for Friday when we will have for you the highly anticipated single Phone Down.

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