Throttle Interview

When you get to chance to interview the heir to Oliver Heldens throne, you get pretty hype. Throttle is absolutely crushing the music scene right now and his latest single Money Maker is absolutely awesome. Be sure to read about what he has to say below.
For people who don’t know your style, dirty disco, how would you describe it?
It’s disco for the modern generation. I try and mix the magic of the disco era with the grit of modern music.
2016 has been your breakout year, what’s been your highlight in your mind?
Why thank you! It’s been a massive year. Out of everything, Tomorrowland and my recent appearance on X Factor stand out the most. Oliver Heldens invited me up for a guitar solo on our track ‘Waiting’ which was an unbelievable experience. Being invited to perform ‘Money Maker’ on X Factor was outrageous. TV is that one thing I’ve always dreamt about that seemed impossible growing up. We made it!
Between remixes and original songs, which stands out as the one you’re most proud of?
As an original piece of work, certainly Money Maker. There were so many steps getting it to where it is today, and I’m stoked with how it turned out. My remix of Conrad Sewell’s ‘Hold Me Up’ is something I’m really proud of. That was a major turning point in the Throttle sound, towards a more mature disco house sound.
What was the idea between releasing the two editions of Money Maker? 
I wanted to test the water with the more stripped back version first, see how it performed it then club world then hit everyone with the full version once that’d settled in. It gave the club edit time to bubble in the club world. It went number 2 on Beatport for a couple of weeks which was huge for the track.
Talk to me about the idea behind your brand new music video?
The idea behind the song was “If James Brown were around today, what might he think of the current state of music”. The directors of the video decided to flip that too “If James Brown were a retired porn director, what might he think about the current state of his beloved industry” the result is obviously outrageous!
Which artists have influenced your style musically the most?
My biggest influence has always been Justin Timberlake. His Future Sex Love Sounds tour was the first live show I ever saw. Musically I’ve always wanted to end up at a live show. It’s something I’ll be incorporating more and more into my sets.
Which venue/show was your favorite that you put on?
Tomorrowland was insane! The whole festival was magical.
What’s in store for the future?
Tons and tons of new music. Hopefully I can get something else out by the end of the year, just letting Money Maker do its thing for now. Doing a few shows with Oliver Heldens in the U.K. in December – Warehouse project in Manchester and Electric in Brixton. Good lord I’m excited for that!
Anything else you’d like to say?
Shake your money maker!
Be sure to keep up with Throttle on his Soundcloud here!

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