The Him Interview

The Him have continued their success in 2017 with major records coming out regularly. Their latest is a killer remix of Miley Cyrus’s Malibu. Let’s see what our guys have to say:

So since we’ve talked last summer, what has been your favorite moment?
I think a year ago we couldn’t imagine that we would be touring for 2 months straight in the US. That happened at the beginning of this year, and this was really special to us.

If you could choose a vocalist to feature on an original song who would it be?
The Weeknd or Dua Lipa!

Can you describe your latest remix for Miley Cyrus?
We made it in between touring while we were staying in LA. We tried a couple different ideas but the thing that stuck was the piano that sort of follows the vocal in the verse. It felt like that was really adding to the emotion of the song. Then we worked on the vocal chop to take it to a more uplifting feeling combined with the chords. To be honest it was a bit of a different approach but we just loved the original and wanted to try something new.

What’s your advice to aspiring producers?
Keep on working. Try to learn a bit of the business but spend most of the time in making music. If you have time left start writing songs. Nowadays that’s also really important!

What’s the craziest show you guys have played this year?
We really like to play the Corona Sunsets festivals. Beginning of this year we played Uruguay and that one was really special to us.

Let’s play some word association:
: can’t wait!
Tomorrowland: A dream for every DJ
Miami: music week MADNESS! 😀
Kygo: Feels Like Home
Kanye West: Kim Kardashian haha
Midnight: Making memories
Jackpot: Spotify global top 50
Airports: Madrid (missed our first flight)

Anything else you’d like to say?
We have a new release coming up the 23rd of June. Keep an eye on our socials:)!

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