Rozes Interview

Chances are you know Rozes by now. Her feature on the aptly named “Roses” with The Chainsmokers brought her to all of our Spotify playlists last year, but she’s got a lot more heat than “Roses.” Her latest song with Cash Cash has blown up, and she’s got a lot to say below!

For people who don’t know your music, how would you describe it?
I would describe my music as emotionally energetic. It has a mix of emotional lyrics with a dance type production.

Can you talk to me about your most recent hit “Matches” with Cash Cash?
I actually wrote “Matches” while I was still living at my parents’ house a couple years ago, in a studio my brother had made in the basement. My friend and I were talking about our first heartbreaks the previous night, and I wanted to write about it because I know so many people are struggling with love right now, and I wanted them to have something they could relate to.
I met Cash Cash at the AMP Radio Let It Snow Show, and mentioned I had a song that I would love their production and input on. They took the song to a whole new level; they added the perfect amount of energy while still keeping the song emotional.

If you could only play one song that represents you which would it be?
It’s a throwback but the song that represents me is “The Story,” by Brandi Carlisle. I think it represents me because if you listen to the lyrics she says, “These stories don’t mean anything, when you’ve got no one to tell them to,” and it’s true, my stories and songs would be nothing without my listeners. I would be nothing without all of the support from the people around me.

How did you decide on the moniker ROZES?
My grandmother’s name is Rose (I call her Nanny Rose). She is my absolute favorite person. When she was young, the love of her life passed away, which forced her to raise my mother and her two sisters alone. She took over the business and carried on with determination and her head held high.
To me, that is the most amazing thing for a woman to do who was born in the 1920’s. She defied the odds, and as a woman, raised her family alone, on her own dime. The strength she has instilled in her daughters has been passed on to me, and I am forever grateful. I feel like I owe my perseverance to her, so I took on her name.

What should we expect from you for the rest of the year?
I will be doing some extensive touring, which I couldn’t be more excited about! I’ll be touring with AJR this summer and MAX this fall. I have never done long-term touring before, so I’m super happy to be touring with these amazing artists.

Let’s do some word association:
Burn Wild:
The Chainsmokers: Roses
Philadelphia: Home
Cheese Steaks: YUM
Kendrick Lamar: HUMBLE.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Be sure to look out for my new single “Canyons” dropping July 14th!


Follow Rozes on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat,, and We Heart It @RozesSounds. Find her at Facebook @Rozes.

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