Sistek Interview & Premiere of new track “Show You Stars”

Sistek is a EDM producer out of Chile and is pumped to release his new track today! Here’s what he has to say below:

For someone who’s never heard your music, how would you describe it?
I like to see my music as a mixture of genres, as im always experimenting. Rhythm is a big part of latin music so I try to bring some aspects of it to every song I write. So really, I guess i would just describe it as my own version of tropical house mixed with some influences from around the world.

Who are your biggest influences in music?
I have to say, definitely Kygo. His music caught my eye back in 2014 and got to me in a way no other EDM producer had. He is unique, and I love that. His work motivated me to try making songs and remixes myself, which I thank a lot cause I enjoy every minute if it. But outside EDM, I would say Coldplay. Its one of my favorite bands ever. I consider their album “X & Y” a masterpiece, I just can never get tired of it.

Can you talk to me about your new track Show You Stars?
It was actually my first original track, which Tudor and I wrote more than a year ago. My manager introduced us and it literally took us one day to get the song done. Was amazed with the work-rate I had with Tudor, we were musically on the same page so writing stuff with him was super quick and fun. But the song itself was born when I tried to immortalize a beautiful night I had stargazing with someone. The stars were the most beautiful I’ve seen, even though most of the sky was covered with clouds. “Show You Stars” is all about trying to make someone feel better and can work as a metaphor of how changing the way we look at things can really help us overcome our problems. Sometimes all we might need is someone to show us the stars 😉

If you could collab with any artist who would it be? Why?
My dream collaboration would be Flume. I really love how he is always one step ahead of everyone and how he innovates and transforms his sound so fluently. I absolutely have no idea what it would sound like though, which is why I think I would enjoy it so much.

What has been your highlight this past year?
Haven’t been in the game for too long, so as Sistek my highlight would obviously be the release of Pitfalls on June. Loved the response I got. It has motivated me to work 10x harder on my new singles. But I think that personally my main highlight was the chance to fly to London on February. It was so great to finally meet the people that I’ve been working with for so long. Met amazingly talented musicians from all around Europe and had an amazing time writing songs. Had some crazy demo sessions with Tudor which literally lasted for days.

Anything else you’d like to say?
I’m a man of few words haha. Don’t know what to add really, but I’m super exited to finally release this song. Thank you so much for the feature! ❤

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