Top 100 of 2017 (80-61)

You saw yesterday’s countdown, and probably were on the edge of your seat to see what the next 20 songs were, so you’re in luck!

80. You Don’t Know About Me by Ella Vos

Ella Vos has been one of the prominent voices in the indie music scene this year, with this track in particular picking up lots of recognition. The bass and drums pretty much rule the song, with Ella’s haunting high vocals serving more of a contrast than lyrics to the deep percussion.

79. Broken Summer by DJ Snake ft. Max Frost

DJ Snake originally released this song by telling everyone about it through a Snapchat, with no marketing plan in place. Ironically, this is one of Snake’s best releases as he takes a step back from his traditional trap background to make a chill-pop hit.

78. Television Romance by Pale Waves

After your first listen to the song, the chorus will be stuck in your head. Think of The 1975 but a little rockier and a female singer. Definitely one of the top indie releases of the year.

77. I Think of You by Jeremih ft. Chris Brown & Big Sean

Jeremih has been only known for his features for too long; he calls on Sean and Breezy to drop a track incredibly reminiscent of a Michael Jackson feel. Jeremih’s crooning has gone unappreciated, and it’s time he becomes the solo superstar he should be.

76. No Limit by G-Eazy ft. Cardi B & A$AP Rocky

I don’t know how G-Eazy keeps doing it, but does any hip-hop artist get better hooks provided for him? Rocky’s hook sets the song up for greatness from the start, but Cardi keeps surprising us with another solid feature.

75. Out of Love by INDIIA ft. Whitney Phillips

INDIIA created one of the most popular indie-pop songs this summer with Out of Love with a basic synth pattern and solid percussion. Having said that, this song is nothing without its crazy drop, which is so simple. Artists keep trying to make drops more and more crazy, but the simplicity here creates a better overall track.

74. Lemon by N.E.R.D ft. Rihanna

Sorry Pharrell Williams, but take a back seat. This is Rihanna’s show, exuding rap skills I don’t think anyone knew she had. Please Rihanna, drop a rap album, we know you can do it now…

73. Wake Up by Petit Biscuit ft. Bipolar Sunshine & Cautious Clay

The French teenager released his first full length project this fall, and boy do we have a Martin Garrix-esque prodigy on our hands. His production skills are already near the top of the top, and whenever you can get Bipolar Sunshine on a dance track it’s going to be pretty good.

72. Virgo by Rejjie Snow ft. Pell

If you’re anti-mumble rap, give Rejjie a chance. This track has so much soul in it, thanks to Pell’s killer hook, but the Irish rapper is able to create some intensity from his mumbles, something most mumble rappers would love to be able to do.

71. Come Around Sundown by Sneakers

Give me the blues with a saxophone every day and I’ll take it. Sneakers crushes this track and will have you tapping your foot in no time. Another band to be on the lookout for as they continue their ascent.

70. Emily by Two Friends ft. James Delaney

Two Friends have had quite the breakout year for themselves, getting the chance to open up for Matoma on his North American tour next year. Chances are that if you follow electronic music, you’ve heard this drop one way or another. However, the drop fits this song best with Delaney’s crooning.

69. She Wanna Party by Young Thug ft. Millie Go Lightly

Thug’s full length project brought out a lot of questions, with two in particular: 1) Where are Thug’s legs in the album cover? and 2) Who is Millie Go Lightly? She features on a few of his tracks and her voice compliments Thug’s falsetto so well.

68. Used to It by Ashe

Ashe is another artist who burst onto the scene in 2017 with lots of electronic features, but her own track Used to It is a banger. Scatting throughout the song, Ashe delivers on her first release.

67. Take Her Place by Don Diablo ft. A R I Z O N A

Don Diablo can put out an instrumental song and make it a banger, but when you team him up with one of the highest streaming bands in 2017, you get a hit. Don’s Future Bounce sound is put to the side for pop infusion, showing his versatility.

66. Love is Mystical by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids know how to write a chorus just as good as any other rock band these days. In an age where kids aren’t growing up on rock music anymore, Cold War Kids are doing their best to draw them back with crushing guitars and powerful vocals.

65. Stay With You by Cheat Codes ft. CADE

As our fans may know, we have been avid Cheat Codes supporters since they formed in 2015. With a crazy year in 2017 releasing tracks with Demi Lovato, Fetty Wap, Nicky Romero and more, their song with CADE is their entry on our countdown. Their drop in this song shows their testament to create as many different styles as they can, and this song in itself could signal the start of a new genre.

64. Show Me by John Splithoff ft. Madison Ryann Ward

Creating a song that’s easy to listen to while being interesting at the same time is a challenge, but here’s a song that just works. There’s nothing done exceptionally well, but the duet between the two just create a really great track.

63. I Get The Bag by Gucci Mane ft. Migos

Did I really put a Quavo hook on the countdown? Despite Quavo featuring on every song, when he’s with the rest of the Migos, we can excuse him for being everywhere. Takeoff and Gucci drop two killer verses contrasting Takeoff’s husky voice with Gucci’s smooth slow-talking style

62. Moving On and Getting Over by John Mayer

John Mayer continues to release solid music, despite his best work coming in the form of live shows. Mayer’s signature guitar sound is all over this song, but when Mayer hits the high notes in this tune is where the track escalates.

61. Stir Fry by Migos

Finally! Migos channel Hannah Montana, Fight Night and Versace and return to their roots of an exciting track where they repeat the lyrics to build excitement. You’ll be singing, “In the kitchen wrist twisting like it’s stir fry,” all day. Offset crushes his fast paced verse and the beat is different than all of the beats that Migos used on Culture.

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