Top 100 of 2017 (40-21)

Almost done with 2017, and almost done with this countdown. If you missed a day check them out here: Day 3, Day 2 and Day 1

40. Good Nights by Whethan ft. Mascolo

Whethan was another artist that grew expansively in 2017, and his track Good Nights was everywhere on streaming services. The swirling bass sounds paired with Mascolo’s deep husky voice create a really cool sound.

39. Under Your Skin by Seeb ft. R. City

My most played song of 2017 clocks in at 39 on the countdown, showing that there isn’t a total bias with this list. This track has so much excitement and is honestly so much fun to listen to. R. City crush the verses, but the highlight is the traditional Seeb drop, that’s seemingly on steroids with this track.

38. Tell Me You Love Me by Galantis & Throttle

Throttle and Galantis are a match made in heaven with both of their styles combining so well in this track. It has all the trademarks of Galantis, but the Throttle vocal chop drop is so clear and awesome.

37. Big Bidness by Big Sean & Metro Boomin ft. 2 Chainz

When Big Sean is in the mood, he goes harder than any other rapper there is. On this track, Sean channels 2013 Control Sean and goes nuts. I’ll link the rap genius here to save you all the trouble from later. Also 2 Chainz’s line: “One in every five in trap turn snitches” is so perfect.

36. Heatstroke by Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Ariana Grande & Pharrell Williams

The second single to Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 was a precursor of what to expect from the rest of the album (don’t get me started on the Grammy snub). The unlikely trio of Pharrell, Thug and Ariana surprisingly thrive with everyone flexing their high range throughout the track.

35. Fractures by Illenium ft. Nevve

This track goes HARD!!!! Illenium has been putting tons of material out thankfully, because everything that he drops is incredible.

34. Natural Woman by Kaiit

The singer from Australia came out of nowhere when she was riffing Aretha’s Natural Woman. There’s something about her that’s got so much spunk, she’s got to be someone to look out for with an incredible voice and seems like she’s got the chops to rap.

33. Too Hotty by Quality Control Music ft. Migos

When Migos’ record label announced they were releasing an album, no one expected it to be a 30+ song catalogue. Yet at the end of the day, their lead single is the one to be bumping. Reminiscent of Migos on Culture, Takeoff steals the show with his crazy rap over a mellow beat.

32. Him & I by G-Eazy ft. Halsey

I mentioned earlier in the countdown that Gerald gets spoiled with his hooks, and getting his significant other Halsey to crush the hook in a love song about each other makes the song even more real. Look for this track to dominate the charts in 2018.

31. Nobody Compares To You by Gryffin ft. Katie Pearlman

Gryffin needs to get more appreciation. For the last few years, he’s been releasing fire. This track builds so well, and Gryffin nails the drop. Please radio, accept Gryffin for being one of the best in the business.

30. Try This by Necklace

Cloud rap at its finest, this Danish rapper (not a joke) demolishes this electronic beat. This track excels on its repetition as he doesn’t overdo it, but does it just enough to make it thrive.

29. Broken Clocks by SZA

SZA stopped the music world this summer with her Ctrl release. Her incredible voice and the dissonant beat shine on Broken Clocks. I just want to live in a world where SZA is the rightful queen over Beyonce.

28. Lose Myself by k?d ft. Phil Good

If you haven’t heard this song, stop what you’re doing and listen. This track might have the best drop of 2017, the whole song is an overall masterpiece by k?d who burst onto the scene this year.

27. Chasing Marrakech by Zhu

I don’t even know how to write about this song. Zhu switches from traditional classical music to trap to a pop track to jazz all in the same song. It really is a work of art, and it’s so worth it when the vocals finally come in. (Yes I promise you they do eventually come in).

26. Stay for It by RL Grime ft. Miguel

Advice for listening: blast headphones/speakers to loudest possible volume. RL Grime goes so hard on this track and when you’ve got Miguel singing the vocals it makes it so much easier to get that intensity needed.

25. Hey Lady by Skogsra

Disco is cool again, get with the program if you haven’t already. Skogsra make two songs in one, with a fun disco track for the first half of the song, but then the second half comes back with this searing dance track with a blazing electric guitar.

24. 911/Mr. Lonely by Tyler the Creator ft. Steve Lacy & Frank Ocean

The song has so many parts to it, but they all work so well. Tyler seems to have gotten away from the craziness that he burst into the scene with, focusing now on refined music, which this song exemplifies.

23. Worship by The Knocks ft. MNEK

The Knocks are one of those groups that you should know by now. If you don’t get on their train because they have been releasing some of the most consistent music for the last few years. This track in particular showcases MNEK’s voice over a rumbling instrumental.

22. Across the Room by Odesza ft. Leon Bridges

Combine Leon Bridge’s soul with Odesza’s versatility in the genre, and here we get a gospel like drop, which I didn’t think was possible for a song. I could listen to this combo do an entire album (aka please do an entire album).

21. Riding Shotgun by Kygo & Oliver Nelson ft. Bonnie McKee

Friends of the website know that we have been huge supporters of Oliver Nelson for a long time, but his release with Kygo is one of his best tracks yet. You get Kygo’s vocal drop with Nelson’s classic synth patterns making a complete package.

Tomorrow we find out what song will be crowned the top song for 2017!

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