Who Are We?


Alec Gustafson: Commander in Chief

Alec grew up immersed in music culture. With a background in jazz piano, Alec has begun to remix songs on his Soundcloud Account. Alec is a Lambda Chi Alpha at Washington & Lee University as a Business Major. His favorite hobbies include supporting Manchester City, going sailing, and playing squash. His favorite artists are Lost Kings, Cheat Codes and Cash Cash.


Tynan Friend: Rock and Pop Specialist

Tynan has had a passion for listening to and playing all types of music since he was a little kid. After first studying piano, Tynan spent nine years learning rock and jazz drums and percussion and then moved on to tenor saxophone, vocals, guitar, and ukulele. He attends Northwestern University with a pre-medicine path and music minor. Tynan’s hobbies include brewing and then steeping tea, running marathons and putting bumper stickers on his Ford Escape. His favorite artists include Dave Matthews Band, Train, John Mayer, Avicii, and Mumford & Sons.



Oliver Kendall: Chief Editor and House Expert

Oliver wasted 8 years of his life playing an instrument he was terrible at: the piano. After realizing his lack of talent, he quit and took up singing in the high school chorale and A cappella group; an activity he now hopes to continue in college. Oliver goes to Amherst College as Economics and Environmental Studies double major. You can find Oliver at a tennis court near you, or whipping around in his 2009 Subaru Outback. His favorite artists include Jason Derulo, Matoma, and Justin Timberlake.



Nick Sadler: Resident DJ

Nick has been a music aficionado since his early days, beginning by playing the violin, trumpet and baritone sax, then transitioning into the world of electronic music in high school. He began to experiment with DJing his freshman year of high school, and more recently has tried his hand at music production. Nick attends Bowdoin College and is pursuing a Computer Science and Economics double major. In addition to his life as a DJ, Nick plays for Bowdoin’s Baseball team, and he also hosts a weekly radio show on WBOR 91.1 FM, which broadcasts his weekly mixes of brand new dance music.


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Olivia Stoffel: Marketing Queen

Olivia’s musical contribution comes from her killer Spotify playlists. Her love for marketing, however, is what makes her quite indispensable. When Olivia is not online shopping, she’s most likely at spin class. She also attends Washington and Lee University as a Business major. Olivia’s favorite artists are Lost Kings, Rihanna, and Sam Hunt.

Aidan Chandless

Aidan Chandless: Musical Omnivore

Aidan, a fan of all music (excluding country), has a special place in his heart for EDM and Hip Hop. He often looks for awesome new artists and songs to add to his ever growing Spotify playlist. His favorite hobbies include playing lacrosse and squash, watching soccer, and wrecking his friends in Smash Bros. Aidan is a Lacrosse player at Washington and Lee University, who is also majoring in business and math.  His favorite artists are Illenium, Kanye West, Gucci Mane and Twenty One Pilots.


Grace Lambrecht: Soundcloud Savant

Grace grew up more around baseball gloves and footballs than any type of musical instrument, but after a few years of controlling the aux cord at parties and a successful summer as an intern for Atlantic Records, Grace has solidified her knowledge of music and the industry. Grace is a Senior at Boston College studying Marketing and Business Analytics. A true Soundcloud junkie, her must-listen artists of the moment include Elephante, Hibell, and Illenium.

Garrett Allen: Modern Rocker

Garrett grew up a child of the classic rock age. Repping the Center of the Universe (Ashland, VA) as a sophomore at Washington and Lee University, his favorite artists include Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, U2, and the Rolling Stones. Although he’s dabbled in such instruments as piano, drums, and mandolin, he’s played guitar since the fifth grade. Since then his music interests have expanded to include jazz, indie, country, hip-hop, and electronic. Garrett plays guitar in the Trophy Sons, an alternative rock band in Richmond. He enjoys tennis, hiking, skiing, playing and watching baseball, and watching the Redskins lose on a weekly basis.


Dylan Kronenberg: Vibey Festival Rat

Dylan grew up in San Francisco on Bay Area rap legends like Mac Dre and Keak da Sneak along with his lovely mothers alternative rock on the way to school, so he’ll meet you just about anywhere in the middle. In high school he became a Soundcloud junkie, searching for hours in search of fat bass drops and uncomfortably high BPMs, which brought him to the beautiful live music solace that is the Bay Area. Dyl and his little brother want to hit every festival before 2030 because isn’t that the best place to feel some brotherly love? His favorite artists are Tchami, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, ZHU, Rufus Du Sol, Martin Garrix, Travis Scott, BROCKHAMPTON, Madeon, Porter RObinson, U2, and Aluna George. He goes to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he intends to risk it all, drop out and drive a van around South America. Studying Abroad in Cabo will do that to you.


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Sam Tanenblatt: Emerging EDM Producer

Sam’s interest in music was sparked when watching American Idol; Playing the euphonium for 8 years, Sam was the Drum Major of the Pace Academy Pep Band his junior and senior year of high school, but don’t worry he’s not a nerd. By the end of his junior year, he had picked up DJing after attending Electric Paradise in Punta Cana. When not turning the tables, Sam plays rugby, studies psychology and enjoys high quality food. His favorite artists are Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, Marshmello, and Party Pupils.