R. City Interview

Brothers Theron and Timothy comprise the musical duo known as R. City (or Rock City). They’ve written tons of smash hits (“We Can’t Stop,” “Pour It Up” “Take You There,” “Replay”), and they’re currently soaking in the success from their song “Locked Away” with it jumping 25 places up the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1 week (it now sits at #35). I had the chance to ask these guys a few questions the other day, and here’s what they had to say:

For people who don’t know R. City, how would you guys describe your music?

For people that don’t know our music, we’d describe it as Caribbean Hip-Hop fused with some pop. But I feel like melodically the melodies are just so big that we don’t consider it pop, we just consider it good. Our music is The Fugees meet Bob Marley.

Could you talk to me about the makings of “Locked Away?”

So Maroon 5 was working on the “Sugar” record, and Dr. Luke talked to Adam about recording a hook for us. Adam listened to three of our records, and he liked “Locked Away” the best. Before you knew it, he sent us the hook. We were excited as Maroon 5 fans that Adam Levine would work with us. It was definitely a blessing.

You’ve written countless hit songs, what’s your process for writing these?

Me (Theron) and my brother (Timothy) believe that music talks. When you play a beat, when you play a piano, when you play a guitar, they say to you what you should write about. If the chords say, “Love,” or if the drums say “Turn Up” then that’s what we use. So I guess our process is that we play music, and then do the first thing that comes to mind.

Which song have you written stands out as your favorite?

It’s hard to pick just one, but I usually go with Mario’s “Music For Love.” The reason why is that we were flat broke at the time. I used to work at IKEA, and I quit my job. We wrote 400 songs in the studio, and we only sold one: “Music For Love.” 400 songs and no one wanted to buy any except this one. -Theron.
Timothy chimed in: “Music For Love” was very clever how we played off our work, but “Man Down” is probably my other favorite. It reminded me of being back home, and I think it’s really cool to hear a girl (Rihanna) sing reggae music.

Theron ended the interview by saying “We just really appreciate all the love and support that we’ve been given. This is something that we’ve looked forward to since we were kids, hence the album title “What Dreams Are Made Of.” I want to say thank you to everyone in the Caribbean and Virgin Islands.

Before I hung up, I made sure to ask the boys the most pressing question in music these days: Team Drake or Team Meek Mill
Team Drake all day. Don’t get me wrong, I like Meek too, both of them are dope. But this time, I’m riding with Drake.

Be sure to check out R. City’s upcoming album “What Dreams Are Made Of” which will be available for Pre-Order on August 22nd. With the Pre-Order, you unlock two more singles, and the same thing happens at the end of September. Look for the full release to come out in October, and be sure to like R. City on Facebook. Stay tuned for more interviews on the way!

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