Xaanti Interview + New SINGLE!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask Xaanti a few questions! Xaanti is an up-and-coming house artist with roughly 2,500 followers on Soundcloud, and we’ve posted 3 of his tracks so definitely go check them out!

How would you describe your music and yourself, for people who may not know about you?
Xaanti’s ethos is to make music that people want to play over and over, music that can work for a dancefloor, a bedroom or a beach party. Xaanti is open to trying different ideas in the music and expressing different emotions and moods.

Talk to me about your two newest singles, “You Don’t Love Me”, which you released this morning(!), and “Tonight”, which came out last month, and was very well received.

The new track is a moody house track showcasing a darker more subdued side to Xaanti, a reworking of the Dawn Penn classic ‘You Don’t Love Me’. Hope the fans like this slightly more haunting direction, but don’t worry this does not mean the happier stuff will never return!

Tonight was written to try to capture that feeling when the summer is coming to an end,  and you are saying goodbye to a holiday romance. However, there is a sense of hope and positivity in the lyrics.


What’s your favorite song that you’ve produced thus far?
The songs I’ve produced thus far have varied, from the housier ‘My Heart’ to the more tropical tinged ‘The One’. Possibly ‘The One’ is the current favourite, but this can easily change as new tracks are written.

What’s next, music-wise?
Music wise, Xaanti is already finishing a brand new track which will debut soon. It might surprise fans as it moves off into a slightly different sound.

Who is your dream collaboration?
Dream collaborations…there are so many great artists who could all bring something amazing to a track, so a lot would depend on the style of the track. At the moment, a lot of respect to Kygo for bringing tropical house to the forefront of the music scene, I was listening to Kygo over a year or so ago so I’ve been a long, devoted fan. How about hooking up with him, getting Diplo on a few production duties and getting Sam Smith to lay down a vocal!

You have 30 seconds to convince someone to listen to your music, what do you say?
30 seconds to convince someone to listen to Xaanti? Say ‘you will like this!’ but say it with warmth and a smile, that goes a huge way. 🙂

We’ve asked everyone this: Team meek or team drake?
Neither actually, both have their merits…so let’s praise both!

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