Cheat Codes Interview

The first time I heard about Cheat Codes because of their sick song Visions (Boehm Remix). I interviewed Matt, one of the three frontmen, back in the summer to talk to them. Since the interview, Cheat Codes has blown up to a massive level!  Their song Sex is currently in the Top 10 of Spotify’s Global Top 50 and is an awesome take on Salt n Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex. I got a chance to talk to Matt again, here’s what he had to say.

Since we talked last summer, you guys have blown up! Could you talk to me about how this happened?
Blood sweat and tears haha! We’ve been grinding and its good to see people reacting to what we’re doing. Our strategy early on was to put out a song almost every month. I think that helped people get attached. Now we’ve been collaborating with Spinnin’ Records on a couple songs thats been a huge help as well with our socials, getting better video content out there! We did a song called “Say Goodbye” through Thrive Records which has getting radio play on Sirius. So honestly its been a team effort. We had a very clear vision of what we wanted early on, and we’ve been lucky enough to attract team members who believe in that vision!

Unlike a lot of modern DJs, you guys take on a different sound with each song you do. When you guys are making songs, how much discussion goes into the type of drop you do?
Not much discussion at all, I think too much thought going into music can ruin it. The youth is very susceptible to bullshit. I think they have a good nose for that, so we don’t try to force too much. Whatever we come up with in the moment, if we think its dope we’ll put it out.

Remixing Salt n Pepa’s smash hit “Let’s Talk About Sex” has given you guys a platinum song. Of all the smash hits in the 90’s, what made you choose that one in particular?
Like I said before, we were writing over this track, and the hook jumped in my head immediately, completely out of the blue. One of those divine inspirations I guess, so we actually scrapped the song we had worked all day on, recorded the hook, and than wrote original verses and a bridge in about 45 minutes. Everything happened really naturally. 

Since the increased airplay, have you noticed a different attitude of audiences on the road?
People definitely love “SEX!” haha We love performing and its always a joy to play in front of energetic crowds. Its definitely nice when big groups of people are sining along to your songs.

Recently, you’ve remixed Electric Love by Borns and Love yourself by Justin Bieber; how do these songs call out to you to remix them compared to others?
Uh thats an interesting question, we’ve been a big fan of Borns for a while, been following him since his first single “Emerald Pools.” We actually had that remix done a long time ago, and we used to play it out live a lot. Everyone would always ask us where they could find it, so we decided to post it on our sound cloud. Love yourself is just a great top line. We love good songs at the end of the day. Ed Sheeran is an amazing songwriter. 

You guys have dropped a lot of singles, will an album come out soon?
Yeah we have an album in the works, we’re not rushing it, we just want to be putting out a consistent amount of content for fans. 

If you had to choose one type of candy to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?
One type of candy, hmmmm. haha Chocolate covered almonds. Could eat those for days. Hopefully somebody reading interview brings us some at our shows! haha 

Be sure to check out Cheat Codes brand new song “Fed Up,” be on the lookout for more interviews coming soon!


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