Lost Kings Interview

If you’ve been following the EDM scene, you’ve got to know the name Lost Kings by now. With remixes for Rihanna, G-Eazy and WALK THE MOON, these guys have taken the music world by storm. I had a chance to talk with the guys and ask them a couple questions:

1. It seems like you guys haven’t stopped touring! How’s life on the road?

We fucking love it! To travel to all these different cities and play for huge crowds is amazing. Its been so much fun, so life has been great.

2. Over the last year, how would you say you guys have evolved as artists/performers?

As performers we have definitely gotten more comfortable and more polished. Just playing every weekend has made us that much better.

The more and more music we put out has really made us learn more about ourselves and we think that it is showing in our production. As we make more music, I think the songs will reflect us more and more.

3. Last time we talked, the “I Bet My Life” remix was your favorite. Has that changed?

I would say our favorite is “On My Way” by Cardiknox remix. We love playing that one live.

4. Which songs get the biggest pop at live shows?

Our originals are the highlight of our lives sets, which is great.

5. Each song you put out is so different from the next. What should we expect from the upcoming records?

We’re really trying to push the boundaries of what we do. I think the best way to describe our music and what’s coming next is “endless summer vibes”.

6. When should we expect the previews we’ve seen on Snapchat to be released?

Soon. Very soon!

7. What’s your top Pokemon on Pokemon Go?

Jynx, she is one bad mama mama

Be sure to stay in touch with the Lost Kings on Facebook, Twitter and on Snapchat @wearelostkings

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